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Central Texas Math Summit

November 5, 2021 | 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

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Due to the ongoing collaboration with our district and institutional partners, we have made great progress as a region working to increase access to advanced math pathways for all student groups in middle school, increasing the number of students taking college-aligned math in high school, and aligning math requirements for our highest enrollment programs of study in postsecondary.

This year’s Summit will focus on our PK-12 and higher education regional mathematics alignment goals. We recently set these formal goals to drive even more strategic and expedited progress toward achieving equitable outcomes in mathematics for our Central Texas students.

Event Description: During the Summit, we will review district and institutional progress towards the Central Texas regional mathematics alignment goals, set specific growth measures towards these goals, and plan to implement strategies and policy changes to achieve this growth by November 2022.

Who should attend: All Central Texas districts, colleges, and universities who have been active participants in the Central Texas Mathematics Alignment Taskforce, as well as those who would like to further our commitment to the mathematics alignment goals in Central Texas going forward.

Teams of 4-8 from each district and institution of higher education should include:

  • Institution President, District Superintendent, and/or cabinet-level leader
    (These participants will receive information about the 2-hour block most critical for institutional leaders to attend no later than Oct. 15.)
  • An administrator with authority to support mathematics alignment and transition work
  • Mathematics department chair and/or lead math faculty member, district math lead(s)
  • Counseling and advising lead directors or supervisors, and/or lead staff charged with streamlining students’ transition from PK-12 to postsecondary.

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Please reach out to Lindsay Fitzpatrick with any questions about the Summit.

For background information and the latest commitment by educational leaders across Central Texas, click here.