In May 2018, five college presidents and eight school district superintendents charged Central Texas education leaders to address math alignment in the region. Today, these leaders, and others who are part of the Central Texas Math Alignment Taskforce (CTXMAT), are pleased to announce the newest commitment from 23 Central Texas leaders who endorsed the latest charge, including 13 superintendents and 8 college presidents.

Highlighted in this latest directive: specific PK-12 and higher education mathematics alignment goals, CTXMAT’s recommendations for the next phase of work, and supporting data. CTXMAT will take immediate action on these recommendations and prepare for the third Central Texas Math Summit on November 5, when the taskforce will celebrate progress, review data, and make plans to accelerate for the coming year.

While math alignment work directly benefits Central Texas students, these efforts also serve as an exemplar to be replicated across the country. Members express their deepest gratitude for these Central Texas education leaders, and the time and expertise of the mathematics educators involved – the teachers, faculty, counselors, advisors, and administrators who perform the hard work to improve systems in the secondary and postsecondary environments.

Read the newest charge and the February 2020 report to learn more about the work and progress since the inception of CTXMAT in May 2018.