December 14, 2022

As capital investment pours into Central Texas and analysts predict even more in the coming decades, now is the time to build a highly skilled workforce for our future. Our school districts continue to partner with industry to create opportunities for students to transition into postsecondary pathways by offering dual credit courses, career and technology education, and industry-based credentialing.

To elevate these partnerships, E3 Alliance co-hosted an event with AARO, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Austin Community College, and Workforce Solutions Capital Area to discuss and accelerate solutions for the robust regional workforce needed in our region. 

Groundbreaking, newly released data from E3 Alliance provided a landscape and success metrics for college and career training opportunities in high school. E3 analyzed outcomes from the Class of 2020 that tells the story about trends, disparities, postsecondary enrollment, and post-high school success. Visit groundbreaking findings below:

About the Cohort

Overall Occupational Concentrator Table

Career & Technical Education Occupational Concentrator Clusters

Advanced Manufacturing


Health Sciences


Now what? We know that bridging partnerships between our businesses and school districts is crucial. We hope attendees lead the way by:

  • Making powerful connections to drive positive student outcomes.
  • Exploring opportunities to increase awareness of workforce needs and provide career guidance, job shadowing, mentoring, apprenticeships, internships, or part-time work.

How does E3 Alliance play a role? Our team of data scientists and educators track education data, identify trends and needs, and collaborate with our diverse network of changemakers within the community to provide solutions that uplift educational systems for all students. We leverage data to action.

In 2019, E3 Alliance held community conversations to engage a diverse range of community members across Central Texas to explore what college means to our region and address the underlying factors limiting student success.

A key data point during those meetings centered on the alarming research that two-thirds of jobs by 2020 – and almost all living-wage jobs – will require a postsecondary credential.

As we approach 2023, the story remains unchanged, but we see a pronounced escalation in the urgency to respond with tangible solutions. Strong school-business partnerships are an all-important necessity for the thriving economy we desire.

Let’s get down to business!

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