Elementary School

When students enter kindergarten, they are expected to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to attend school.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade is a time when children learn and gain new skills and knowledge at a rapid rate.  Standard tests begin in 3rd grade, and our young learners take their first STAAR tests in math and reading and then again in 5th grade.  Studying and regular school attendance become important to ensure that students are prepared to succeed.

As a community, we care because students who are prepared for school and continue to learn and grow in elementary school, also continue to build that focus in middle and high school and beyond. 

You Need to Know

  • Being ready for Kindergarten is the strongest predictor of a student passing the STAAR test in 3rd grade! They are five times as likely to pass the 3rd grade STAAR test in reading, and four times as likely to pass the 3rd grade STAAR in math compared to kids who were not school ready in Kindergarten.
  • As early as 5th grade, parents can help their student choose the best math pathway. Math courses take, in elementary school will help the building blocks for middle, high school and college success.

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