The coronavirus pandemic exposed and exacerbated many long-standing needs in our education system. At our E3-3D (data-driven decision-making) event on February 2, E3 Alliance experts and guest presenters explored where Texas students stand today, and how we might harness this moment to build better education systems for all.

E3 analysts presented state- and region-level data from the 2020-21 academic school year, highlighting disaggregated student outcomes for remote and in-person learning, plus students who transitioned from one to the other modalities throughout the year.

During breakout sessions, administrators from several innovative school districts shared promising practices they integrated around four focus areas: educator quality, social-emotional learning, school culture, and accelerated learning.


Download the E3 Alliance Presentation (PDF 4.5MB)

Watch the Main Session

Educator Quality Session

Kimberly Raymond, Deputy Superintendent | Lockhart ISD

Download the Educator Quality Presentation

Watch the Educator Quality Session

School Culture Session

Dr. Sarah Otto, Principal, La Grange Middle School | La Grange ISD

Download the School Culture Presentation and Highlights (PDF 6MB)

Social-Emotional Learning Session

Lori Davis, Chief Transformation Officer | E3 Alliance
Bobby Garcia, Principal, Manor New Tech High School | Manor ISD

Download the Social-Emotional Learning Presentation (PDF 2.5MB)

Accelerated Learning Session

Jennifer Saenz, Director of Strategic Initiatives | E3 Alliance

Download the Accelerated Learning Presentation (PDF 3.6MB)

About E3 Alliance and E3 3D Events

An E3-3D is a data-driven decision-making event.

E3 Alliance champions the relentless pursuit of education transformation for Central Texas and Texas students by providing sound data and facilitating collaboration, while also rapidly moving to respond to the immediate needs of our schools. E3-3Ds give us the opportunity to bring data and collaboration together for our education community.

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