With the flu season running from September to March, vaccinating your student early is critical, as these data points drive home. In 2013, E3 Alliance determined that the timing of spikes in absenteeism in schools across Central Texas aligned well with spikes in flu cases in the region. An attempt to ameliorate this flu-related absenteeism led to a large scale “Kick the Flu,” school-based immunization campaign in Central Texas. In the fall of 2016, the initiative provided vaccinations to 38,032 students in 262 elementary and middle schools across 15 Central Texas school districts. Vaccinations in schools continue today. Review our evaluation of whether this school-based influenza vaccination program corresponded to improvements in school attendance in our 2017 report. Download report here.

E3 Alliance provides produces the E3 Alliance Education Profile, the most comprehensive regional view of education trends and outcomes in Texas. The Profile offers a wide range of actionable and relevant data for the Central Texas region and connects the dots between student achievement and economic prosperity for our community. It includes data on the region’s demographic changes, early childhood education, K-12 student achievement, achievement gaps, absenteeism, high school graduation, college and career readiness, college enrollment, and student and economic outcomes and implications. Visit the site here.