Presented by Christine Bailie, Director of HS, College and Career Success, E3 Alliance at the National Career Pathways Network Annual Conference October 6th, 2016.
The presentation shares research findings related to success in middle school mathematics from the 2012 5th grade cohort.  Included are findings on demographic, geographic, and school type disparities in who takes Algebra I by 8th grade, even for students who met the Texas 5th grade college and career ready standard in math. We discuss the necessity of 8th grade Algebra to pursue advanced math coursework in high school, that disparities persists for who takes these courses, and the implications of this for successful pursuit of STEM in college and career. We provide policy recommendations to address equity gaps in access to middle school Algebra, focusing on how school districts, campuses, and regional collective impact efforts can drive systems change.
To view the presentation, click the link: Disparities in Math Preparation for STEM with Equity-Focused Policy Recommendations