Presented by Christine Bailie, Director of HS, College and Career Success, E3 Alliance at the 2016 Texas Pathways to Partnership Convening.
Learn about E3 ExcELL, professional development and consulting services that support the effective implementation of a roadmap for positive systems change and continuous improvement tool for administrators to reflect on successful practices and identify areas of growth for English Language Learners (ELLs) on their campus and district. E3 Alliance will share how their Theory of Change provides direction to initiatives like E3 ExcELL in creating sustainable, long-lasting systemic change on campuses and districts for both ELLs and non-ELLs. E3 ExcELL’s professional development component centers on the ELL Rubric for Highly Functioning Campuses, developed in partnership between E3 Alliance and the Central Texas ELL Collaborative. In its third year, E3 ExcELL has now guided 53 schools in the Central Texas region to create better outcomes for ELL students and remained a collective effort from the continued participation from the Central Texas ELL Collaborative and participating schools’ learning communities.
To view the presentation, click the link: E3ExcELL – Theory of Change