Pre-K for Educators and Community Partners

Thank you for joining our efforts to promote prekindergarten enrollment—more than ABCs and 123s! We look forward to combining our efforts to spread this pre-K messaging across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We know that the timing of this campaign is more important than ever as your students and their families navigate in-person and remote learning. Our goal with this campaign is to promote how important early learning is for our children and engage families who are starting school for the first time. 

Our Central Texas kickoff officially begins April 12, but most districts are already accepting registration, while others are waiting to open enrollment a little later 

To make the biggest impact now, we ask that you take advantage of the many suggested graphics and copy listed in our Social Media Toolkit (24MB) to post on your social media feeds starting immediately and running through April 30. 

Since Pre-K enrollment is open throughout the entire school year, we encourage a second media push in early August to create excitement before the start of the school year.

Pre-K Resources and Infographics

90% of all brain development occurs within the first five years of life.
El 90% del desarrollo del cerebro ocurre en los primeros cinco años de vida.

Pre-K Social Media Toolkit

Download the Social Media Toolkit (24MB) now to get ready-to-use graphics and messages, along with more instructions and school district links. 

Info You Should Know

90% of all brain development occurs within the first five years of life making these early years crucial to a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Research shows that children who attend pre-K are more likely to be prepared for kindergarten and more likely to perform better on third grade reading and math STAAR tests.

Pre-K educators create a safe space for connection, learning, and belonging in the classroom.

It’s important educational leaders also create family-friendly enrollment practices that help ALL families navigate the process.

By supporting young children and their families early, we can set young learners up for an educational experience where they can ACE each and every school year (and beyond).

School Readiness Parent Guide

Share this School Readiness Parent Guide (available in English and Spanish) with families of young children to give them everyday activities to do at home that will help prepare their child for entering school.

Download the School Readiness Parent Guide

Pre-K Music Videos

Show your Pre-K students these fun videos by local Austin musicians Sara Hickman and Gina Chavez!

Thanks to our partners

Special thanks to our district prekindergarten coordinators, community workgroups, Success by Six, Uphaus PTA, and Families Empowered for helping to develop and test this messaging.