Math Matters for Everyone

Why Does Math Matter?

Students who take 2 math courses beyond Algebra 2 are 3 times more likely to graduate from college.

Completing Algebra I by the end of 8th grade opens up opportunities for students to take more rigorous math in high school and postsecondary.

Taking advanced math in middle and high school also empowers students to:

  • Experience math that complements their career goals
  • Learn problem-solving skills and critical-thinking skills valuable in any career
  • Apply earned credits toward a two- or four-year technical school or college
  • Prepare for high-demand, high-wage jobs
  • Tackle real-world tasks like personal finances

Download and print a PDF of Info You Should Know on Math to help create awareness on the importance of math.

Resources for our District Partners

E3 Alliance created videos and flyers for Texas school districts to freely share among educators to highlight the importance of taking as much math as possible aligned with student aspirations.

We also created videos that are tailored toward students and families, since it is critical for this messaging to reach those target audiences. In addition, since we know opportunities to show longer videos may be limited, we created shorter videos for both educators and for students/families.

Videos For Educators

E3 Alliance research has helped emphasize the importance math plays on the pathway to success in college, career, and life.

The two videos below illustrate what is possible when educators have made the shift in policies and practices to encourage every student to take more math classes. Hear directly from them about decisions they made to help all students succeed in math and beyond.

Providing equitable access so that students take more math in high school and beyond is critical for postsecondary success.

Math Matters for Everyone | Educators (6:38 minutes) | 2022

Pathways of Promise (4:38 minutes) | 2020

When time is limited to share the longer versions above, we offer these shorter videos which each highlight key ideas or themes: removing barriers to access, one student’s story, and data-driven decision-making, respectively.

Math Matters for Everyone | Educators (3:01 minutes) | 2022

Cai’s Story: Math Matters for Everyone (1 minute) | 2022

Math Matters (The Data) (0:45 seconds)

Videos For Students and Families

We offer the following videos that illustrate how our school communities have benefited and can continue to benefit from increased access to advanced math.

First, hear from the Jackson family about how they made the decision to take advanced math classes and the experiences they encountered. Next, hear from students and educators on the benefits of taking more math, from matching course selections with chosen careers to opening greater opportunities.

2022 Math Matters for Everyone (2:53 minutes)

2020 Math Matters: The Jackson Family Story (4:13 minutes)

Since we know how busy our students and families are during the academic year, we offer these shorter videos which each highlight key ideas or themes we hope will resonate: how math extends beyond the four walls and the many benefits of math, respectively.

Math Beyond the Classroom (1 minute) | 2022

Summing Up The Benefits (1 minute) | 2022

Flyers for Students and Families

E3 Alliance has also created flyers that are tailored to elementary, middle, and high school students.

These flyers are available in Microsoft Word to allow for editing to fit a classroom or campus, while incorporating district voice and brand.

Please feel free to adapt and edit them as needed for distribution throughout districts and schools.

You will also find the flyers have been translated into Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese—to recognize the diversity of our school communities.