Since its founding in 1998, Texas Capital has remained committed to the spirit of innovation for the people of Texas. Texas Capital has served as E3 Alliance’s bank of choice for over a decade. In addition to providing high-quality treasury and important banking products and solutions, Texas Capital has also been instrumental in helping nonprofits like E3 Alliance grow and thrive by bringing together a great team of commercial bankers and giving back generously.

Texas Capital launched a new charitable foundation in 2023, fortifying the firm’s longstanding commitment to serving communities that need it most. The Texas Capital Foundation generously gave a grant to support our Math Peer Learning Network (Math PLN) initiative this year. This grant will help ensure our students have equitable math access and success strategies, especially for students attending East Austin and Del Valle ISD schools where the disparity is significant. The goal is to increase their opportunities to achieve the skills needed to excel.
With Texas Capital’s support, the E3 Alliance Math Peer Learning Network (Math PLN) will:

  • Bring together a diverse group of educators, administrators, youth, and families from across districts with a variety of perspectives and experience with math pathways and create a shared mindset around innovation, change, and success through rapid testing.
  • Recruit small pre-K to 12 campus and higher education teams across Central Texas made up of teachers, instructional coaches, district coordinators, advisors, and administrators to participate. Members of the Math PLN will build their capacity in analyzing data to identify and address root causes, test change strategies, and use results to make systems change decisions that impact student success.
  • Identify best practices to increase, engage, and improve student outcomes in advanced math pathways and college-aligned course taking. We project that 90% of educators participating in the Math PLN will identify best practices for up to 100 students, as measured through participant reporting.
  • Increase the percentage of Central Texas students from low-income households successfully completing a college-aligned math course in their fourth year of high school. We project 25% of our educator participants with 12th-grade students from low-income households to successfully complete a college-aligned math course by 2025, as measured through participant reporting.

Most importantly, we will continue to focus on closing equity gaps between those students able to access math courses that prepare them for secondary and postsecondary success.

“Texas Capital is proud to support E3 Alliance in their efforts to create educational equity in Austin,” said Barbra Boeta, Texas Capital’s Community Development Officer for Central Texas. “Through this partnership, we are working together to increase access and efficiencies so that students can graduate prepared to succeed.”

Thank you, Texas Capital, for your generosity and commitment to Central Texas students. We know that alone, we do good, but together, we do greater good.