During the 2021 summer, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced a grant opportunity to support schools with strengthening campus systems, building staff capacity, and improving school outcomes, all under their Effective Schools Framework (ESF). E3 Alliance worked with many school districts through this process, and today is providing coaching to 29 schools across 14 school districts impacting more than 15,000 students.

“We tailor each partnership to meet the needs of the campus and the students they serve, and in alignment with the prioritized levers of the ESF,” said Chief Transformation Officer Lori Davis, “These winning grants allowed us to provide multiyear coaching with these great educators.”

E3 Alliance became a TEA-vetted and approved provider that supports local education agencies (LEAs) in 2019. Throughout this current surge of challenges, ESF has become even more critical as educators innovate and accelerate learning for their students.

“Returning to in-person support of schools across the state has truly been a fulfilling experience,” said Teri Clement, Director of School Transformation. “Teachers and school leaders have embraced our partnership and support. It’s been inspiring to engage with educators right now. We are truly connecting with them and it feels like the right work to support them in their efforts to provide safe, supportive learning environments for their students.”

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