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The coronavirus pandemic exposed and exacerbated many long-standing needs in our education system, but where do our Texas students stand today? How do we harness this moment to build better education systems for all?

Join us as we continue to Accelerate Change Together.

E3 analysts will present state- and region-level data from the 2020-21 academic school year, highlighting disaggregated student outcomes for remote and in-person learning, plus students who transitioned from one to the other modalities during the year.

Attendees will identify patterns and spot trends in student outcomes, while also hearing from innovative school districts on the promising practices they integrated around four focus areas: educator quality, social and emotional learning, school culture, and accelerated learning.

Invite others from your organization to fully participate in the four targeted subjects.

Who Should Attend?
We geared this event for the following groups:

  • School District Administrators & Staff | Teacher Leads | Instructional Coaches
  • Researchers Working in the Education Sector

However, we invite all who are interested in seeing preliminary E3 Alliance data analysis of regional student outcomes during the pandemic and how some school districts shifted based on what they learned.

An E3-3D is a data-driven decision-making event.

E3 Alliance champions the relentless pursuit of education transformation for Central Texas and Texas students by providing sound data and facilitating collaboration, while also rapidly moving to respond to the immediate needs of our schools. E3-3Ds give us the opportunity to bring data and collaboration together for our education community.

Questions? Contact mbeck@e3alliance.org.