UFCU Donor Spotlight

Because of strong partners like UFCU, E3 Alliance can carry out its mission to transform education systems through data and collaboration so all students succeed. For many years, UFCU has been a strong advocate and supporter of E3, specifically to help Central Texas build stronger pathways for postsecondary success for our most vulnerable student populations. In 2018, they became a major investor in the Austin College Attainment Network (ACAN), a coalition facilitated by E3 that includes 14 local organization, institutions of higher learning, and other nonprofits committed to ensuring first-generation, and traditionally under-represented students, successfully complete high school, enroll in higher education, and complete college or earn a credential. In 2020, UFCU and its employees also contributed $7,000 to E3’s Student Emergency Fund, specifically targeting these students dealing with unexpected financial emergency costs, such as car repairs, book fees, utility and food bills, and other essential expenses that caused them to stop out of their postsecondary journey. Year after year, UFCU has proven its commitment to helping organizations, like E3 Alliance support our community and higher education partners, propel hopeful students into a world of great opportunity. Special thanks to UFCU for their longtime support, as we leverage data with the Central Texas education community to accelerate change together. We are grateful for their sponsorship of our annual Blueprint Summit on June 9. To register, sign up here.