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The City of Austin understands that a huge part of reducing economic disparities in our region is understanding root causes, leveraging public-private partnerships, and supporting children and adults toward long-term success. What does the data tell us? It tells us that 60% of job openings in the Austin area will require a bachelor’s degree. Jobs of the future will require some type of postsecondary certificate or degree to earn a living wage. Although the City of Austin does not directly work in the public or private education space, they realize a quality education is needed for a higher quality of life for all of its residents. Hence, the City’s partnership with E3 Alliance (Education Equals Economics) provides the fuel needed to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country to drive regional economic prosperity. For the last decade, the City of Austin has been an invaluable ally to E3 and its education partners by using the power of the government to promote a healthy educational ecosystem. Thank you to the City of Austin for their continued support of E3 Alliance. We appreciate their sponsorship of our Annual Blueprint for Educational Change Summit on June 9. Registration is still open. Sign up here.