March 31, 2021


Jennifer Cavazos Saenz, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives & Continuous Improvement | Laura Koenig, Senior Director of Community Solutions


Bruce Gearing, Ed.D., Superintendent, Leander ISD| Kendra Winans, Senior Executive Director, State & Federal Programs, Leander ISD | Patty Santoyo, Director of Early Childhood & Extended Day Programs, Hays CISD

Student enrollment, engagement, and learning loss have been topics of major concern in our state since the pandemic, but did you know pre-K and kindergarten are the grades most negatively affected? In this webinar, early childhood and policy experts:

  • Highlighted the remarkable link between attending full-day pre-K and long-term reading and math achievements
  • Showcased two school districts and their journey using data to positively impact student outcomes for their youngest learners
  • Unpacked what we can do legislatively in the state of Texas to accelerate student learning

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