Weaving community involvement into the fabric of a business requires customer centricity, effective alignment, and empowering customers to “do good.” UFCU places community involvement at the core of their culture. Observing their giving arm in action and knowing the people behind the brand makes it apparent that making their community a better place is a privilege. At E3 Alliance, we are truly grateful for UFCU’s long-standing commitment and tremendous impact on our work.

In 2015, UFCU became a major investor for RaiseUp Texas, a program that transforms teaching and learning to ensure students are meeting the high standards for college and career readiness. Over the years, their contributions have supported the full-scale implementation of RaiseUp at 16 middle schools with high concentrations of struggling learners. Today this program has positively affected more than 100,000 students in Central Texas.

UFCU places a high importance on helping students persist and succeed in their postsecondary journey. They have partnered with E3 and Austin College Attainment Network (ACAN) in vital initiatives, including providing volunteers to serve in various capacities and funding Emergency Bridge Grants that help students stay in school. These grants provide monetary aid to Central Texas college students who experience an unexpected emergency or financial hardship that could impact their ability to persist and stay in school. In our new reality of virtual learning, these grants are more important than ever.

Encouraging employees to volunteer in the community is a chief cog in UFCU’s giving wheel. Their DO GOOD program sent volunteers to give their time and talents with ACAN.  Following the belief that “When Our Community Is Strong, We Are Strong,” UFCU stands behind these efforts with more than half of their employees volunteering over 3,000 hours with organizations in the region.

“The heart of UFCU is with our Members and our community,” said Heather McKissick, Senior Vice President of Community Impact. “We know that education is a key driver for individual and community financial health. The data E3 Alliance provides and the programs they coordinate are essential to understanding and positively influencing the direction of higher education in Central Texas.”

Thank you, UFCU, for your generosity and commitment to Central Texas students. We know that alone, we do good, but together we do greater good.