E3 Alliance and ACAN Facilitate Emergency Bridge Funding

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Data reveals that college graduates retain higher levels of employment and income, are more likely to own a home, deposit money in savings, stay employed, and pay more in taxes. They are also associated with a healthier lifestyle and higher levels of community involvement and engagement in their children’s activities. Bottom line, college degree still makes a difference in a person’s life, elevating dreams that effect immediate and extended families, often for years and generations to come.   

E3 Alliance and the Austin College Attainment Network (ACAN) facilitate Emergency Bridge Funding that helps college students stay in school. This initiative provides monetary aid to Central Texas students who attend regional institutions of higher education, and who experience financial hardship that may cause them to stop out of coursework.  

From 2017 to 2020, we’ve helped 151 grantees persist toward degree completion. Of these students, 89% are younger than 25 years old, 52% are first-year college students, 70% are female, 89% are Hispanic, and 76% use the award to cover gaps in tuition. Emergency grants offer up to $500, and ACAN counselors identify an appropriate award to match the documented student need. More than $120,000 in funding has been awarded since 2012 to students attending these local schools: ACC, St Edward’s University, Texas A&M, Texas State University, and UT Austin. 

Now in this world of COVID-19, high-needs college students face more financial challenges than ever before. To donate to our Emergency Bridge Funding and help students avoid “stopping out” of college, click here