E3 Presents HB5 Data from Class of 2018 and Discusses HB3 at the Capitol

On February 25, 2020, we presented a data-driven, decision-making event (E3-3D) on HB5 and HB3 at the Capitol for the Texas Legislative Staff. We shared new high school and postsecondary data from the Central Texas Class of 2018 that was fully under HB5 (the Foundation High School Program passed in 2013 during the 83rd Legislative Session). Our staff explored graduation rates, completion, and college and career entry for these students and discussed HB3, the College, Career and Military Readiness bill. If you would like to download and share our HB5 and HB3 presentation, please click here.

E3 Alliance produces the E3 Alliance Education Profile, the most comprehensive regional view of education trends and outcomes in Texas. The Profile gives you access to a wide range of actionable and relevant data for our region and connects the dots between student achievement and economic prosperity for our community. Please visit data.e3alliance.org and use our worksheet to dive into our data.

Presenters: Caitlin Hamrock, PhD, Director of Research, E3 Alliance; Jennifer Saenz, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives & Continuous Improvement, E3 Alliance; and Susan Dawson, President and Executive Director, E3 Alliance.