Student Mobility is a challenge facing our area, says E3 Alliance

April 4, 2017 | by Dave Byknish

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AUSTIN (KXAN), April 4, 2017 — According to E3 Alliance, nearly 10 percent of the student population in Central Texas move to a new school during the school year. That’s 30,000 kids who have to deal with a disruption to their education.

Khotan Shahbazi-Harmon with E3 Alliance joined Sally Hernandez on KXAN News Today to discuss how the changes affect your student.

Student mobility has been found to be highest in pre-kindergarten and high school years. For pre-K student’s, moving to a new school can make it very challenging to learn and master materials in the classroom when you are not in the classroom while moving. In high school it matters because course taking in high school is credit bearing and disruption can interrupt a student’s graduation plan and interfere with their college and career readiness.

Some tips for parents to consider about making a potential move easier on your children:

  • Don’t move if you don’t have to during the school year!
  • If you have to move, find out attendance boundaries for your school and try to stay within them (this will ensure that you stay in your same school, even if you have to move!)
  • Plan ahead as much as possible and get the relevant information and data of your student from the school your leaving to help your student transition as easily as possible and get the resources and services they need in the new school.

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