Presented by Dr. Simon Tidd, Director of Research and Analytic Systems Development and Sonia Dominguez, Director of  Student Success at E3 Alliance on April 4, 2017.
E3 Alliance presented new data on Student Mobility and Chronic Absenteeism and discussed the opportunities we have to help students navigate those disruptions to learning.
What we know:

  • The overview of regional mobility patterns within Central Texas
  • The impacts of mobility on student outcomes.
  • The scope of student chronic absenteeism within Central Texas
  • The impacts of chronic absenteeism on student outcomes, and
  • Educators’ in Central Texas responses to the challenges caused by chronic absences and student mobility.

To view the presentation, click the link:
E3-3D: Chronic Absenteeism & Student Mobility
To view the common definitions of Chronic Absenteeism & Student Mobility, click the link:
E3-3D: Common Definitions