Pathways of Promise (PoP) is a research and implementation initiative in Central Texas designed to identify and scale strong college and career pathways for high school students that lead to successful transitions to and completion of a post-secondary credential.
Educators and most especially our higher education leaders have been concerned that an unintended consequence of 2013’s HB 5 could be allowing students to choose a high school path with too little mathematics to be ready for post-secondary credentialing.
Our research supports this concern, finding that students whose highest course mastered was Algebra II had just a 1 in 5 chance of getting any post-secondary credential within 6 years of graduating. Only students with at least one year of math beyond Algebra II had a chance at post-secondary success.
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E3-3D: Statewide Mathematics Analysis
Wynn Rosser, Executive Director of The Greater Texas Foundation presented the Statewide Policy Context for the presentation. Please click on link to view: E3-3D: Statewide Policy Context
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KUT: Study: Texas High Schoolers Who Skip Out on Advanced Math Less Likely to Get Degrees
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