For the last decade, graduation rates across the state have risen every year, and they are now among the highest in the nation. Central Texas graduation rates have risen even faster. Until recently, our region has lagged the state and every other major urban area in high school graduation rates for our low income students, creating an imbalance of opportunity for our youths across the region that short circuits both their chances for success in college and career. Our region has worked hard to meet that challenge over the last several years, and graduation rates for our low income students have begun to lead those of other urban areas throughout the state. The presentation focused on graduation rate, attrition, attendance and drop out trends as well as other critical indicators associated with graduation and education policy changes that could impact future rates.
College and Career Readiness rates are also rising. That is great news for the Central Texas community!  At the same time, we have a long way to go and need to work together to get there… the gap between income groups for College and Career Readiness is more than twice the graduation rate gap, showing that far too few of our low income students are prepared for college, career, and life after high school.
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