Children get ready for school at home by listening, talking, playing and loving. Simple things you can do with children can make a big difference. This guide was created for parents and caregivers. It provides easy-to-use tools to help your children successfully prepare to enter school. There is even a checklist for each activity. You can work on the same skills pre-K and Kindergarten teachers use to measure if children are ready for school.
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Enrolling your child in Pre-K
Did you know that public schools offer FREE Pre-K for eligible students?  To qualify, a child must be 4 years old by September 1st of the school year AND meet one ANY the following criteria:

    • Child is from a low income household (185% of federal poverty level)
    • Child is unable to speak English well
    • Child is homeless or has been in foster care
    • Child’s parent is a member of the U.S. armed forces

Contact your school district at the number below to enroll your child or ask other questions.

Click here for Pre-K FAQs 2018-2019

Bright by Text is a great way to get quality information and trusted resources for those caring for children prenatal to five! Click here for more details.
Children with no documentation of U.S. citizenship are accepted!
*Some school districts have programs for 3-year-olds, too! Ask your school.
Why is Pre-K so important?
E3 Alliance research shows that only half of all Central Texas students are Kindergarten-ready when they enter school.  Every year in Central Texas, over 2,000 low-income 4-year-olds are eligible for FREE public school Pre-K, but they don’t enroll in any public or private pre-school program.
Attendance in a high quality Pre-K program is important for school readiness and is highly correlated with reading at grade level, high school graduation, and even income level.  If we can enroll these 2,000+ low-income, eligible 4-year-olds in high quality Pre-K, they’ll be more likely to be ready for Kindergarten.  Plus, our region could see a $30 M return-on-investment over the students’ lifetimes, per annual cohort of students.
Please click on the videos below to hear (in English) Pre-K Kids Win! by Sara Hickman or (in Spanish) Pre-Kinder Niños Ganar by Gina Chavez.