By Susan Dawson

Welcome to the new E3 Alliance web site!
We are excited to have a better, more intuitive, more informative platform to share the work of E3 Alliance, the wonderful partners and supporters who share in our efforts every day, and the progress our region is making on The Blueprint for Educational Change™.  And data! E3 Alliance likes to say that we always need to lead with the objective data – transformed into useful information – to drive better decision-making and action. You’ll find much of that data on this site and even more in the weeks ahead as we build a rich resource library of information to reference. We expect that data and those resources to grow day by day as we populate more and more information here,  and invite your feedback on what else you’d like to see.
Our goal is to make this website a valuable resource as we all work together to support higher student outcomes – and ultimately a more prosperous economic future for our community.
What are some key things to look for?

  • We have combined the content and information from the old E3 Alliance website and the Blueprint for Educational Change website to create a single, integrated, content-rich online resource. The old Blueprint site will soon go offline.
  • A thorough background on how the work of E3 Alliance dovetails with The Blueprint and our many partners
  • More detailed information on each of the Blueprint goals, and our progress toward building the strongest educational pipeline in the country.
  • More about our Theory of Change and how we undertake this work, including how this weaves into the emerging body of work around Collective Impact
  • Featured stories, events and blogs that we will (hopefully!) keep up to date as our very dynamic world change
  • The voices of many others who have reflected on this work and the progress that we have together made
  • How you can be involved and be part of the future we want for our students and our region.

Take a look!  We hope that this is a useful resource to you, and we look forward to hearing from you.
Susan Dawson is President & CEO of E3 Alliance