Amplify Austin 2024 has already launched with the official 24 hours of giving taking place on March 6-7. Once again, E3 Alliance will participate, and we seek your support.

Our mission remains clear: to transform education systems through data and collaboration, ensuring the success of all students, from pre-K through higher education and into the workforce.  

By investing in our organization, you support BIG education initiatives that create BIG changes and make BIG differences in students’ lives. 

We aim to build the most vital educational pipeline to drive economic prosperity for the Austin region, which requires passionate supporters and champions of our cause.  

Please help E3 Alliance reach our Amplify Austin 2024 goal of raising $15,000 through an individual donation or by becoming a fundraiser.  

One of the most effective ways to raise dollars is through the power of personal networks. Consider inviting family, friends, and colleagues to contribute to the causes you are passionate about.   

As a fundraiser, you will receive your own fundraising page and link to share. You set your pledge amount. Sign up by clicking the “FUNDRAISE” button on our E3 Profile, or email Valerie Flores for assistance.  

Your support will enable us to empower and uplift the educational landscape in Central Texas, providing students and teachers with the resources they need to thrive.  

Visit to support BIG initiatives that create BIGGER changes for the BIGGEST differences.