In 2018, E3 Alliance became the ninth StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network member to achieve the highest designation of “proof point,” the organization’s gold standard measurement. To receive this denotation, E3’s work demonstrated consistent and significant improvements in 60% of the cradle-to-career student outcome indicators. Joining this exclusive partnership, and simply being part of the StriveTogether family, has opened more doors to collaborate with likeminded organizations across the country and take successful educational initiatives to scale.

StriveTogether launched nationally in 2010 with the goal to help every child flourish in school and in life, from infancy to adulthood, regardless of race, ethnicity, zip code, or circumstance. They convene 70 communities, who share the same mission and vision, and provide a wide range of support to these groups that improves systems and practices and accelerates progress. Focusing on advocating the work of their partners, StriveTogether also provides financial investments that move proven work forward.

“We are incredibly grateful for their tailored support, leadership development opportunities, resources, and tools,” said Karl Nichols, Vice President of Development at E3 Alliance. “StriveTogether’s investment in our Central Texas community is tremendous and will have far-reaching, favorable impacts on students and families for years to come.”

In the same year of gaining the proof point designation, E3 received a $1.5 million, three-year Opportunity Fund grant from StriveTogether to advance equity and economic mobility indicators in the region. Funding focused on improving school readiness, eliminating achievement gaps, cultivating high school college and career success, and expanding community accountability. Through this generous support, the Equity Equals Economic initiative was birthed and allowed E3 to amplify several effective initiatives, including Early Childhood Results Count, My Brother’s Keeper College Challenge, the Austin College Attainment Network, and Math Pathways of Promise. These initiatives have been critical in connecting teachers to tackle attendance issues together, providing scholarships for at-risk youth, and directing low-income, first-generation students to college. E3 is hard at work completing the construction of tools and processes and codifying them in replicable, scalable platforms.

StriveTogether’s support continues with this month’s announcement of a new Challenge Fund grant awarded to support a vital new position at E3. Systemic racial inequities exposed by COVID-19 heightened the need for further transformation. This funding will allow E3 to hire a Community Engagement Coordinator who will focus on building new and deeper partnerships with students, families, and communities particularly communities of color.

In total, StriveTogether awarded 51 communities in 26 states financial and technical assistance in response to COVID-19. “When the pandemic hit in early 2020, we made the strategic decision to shift cost savings from cancelled events and travel to expand grants we awarded to our network partners,” said Jennifer Blatz, President and CEO of StriveTogether. “With the support of our board of directors, we pivoted and accelerated payment of previously awarded, multi-year grants, and extended new grants.”

Thank you, StriveTogether, for being a champion of our kids and our Central Texas community, particularly in these challenging times. Your commitment to dismantle the cycle of inequitable outcomes is helping students and families maximize opportunities for personal and generational success.

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