PBS KLRU – July 25, 2014 – Austin did a two segment news brief on E3 Alliance’s 2014 Central Texas Education Profile on their weekend NewsHour show.
The first segment ran on Saturday, July 26 and featured Susan Dawson who  covered what is the profile, identified the audience that would benefit from using the data in their planning, and she put the region’s changing demographics in perspective.
The second segment ran on Sunday, July 27 and featured Shawn Thomas, our Director of Policy and Research.  Shawn spoke specifically to the findings, trends and data on graduation rates in our region.
You can watch both segments here, they are currently the top two video clips on KLRU website:
You can also access the videos on KLRU’s Youtube page here:
Education profile   http://youtu.be/XBzmRSxslqA
Dropout Rates   http://youtu.be/CoTupIiqsVQ