architects award imageAt the 2013 Blueprint Leaders Summit in March, E3 Alliance proudly announced the recipients of the Architects of Change recognitions. Six honorees were recognized at this year’s summit.
“The Blueprint for Educational Change and E3 Alliance are only a strong as the partnerships and collaborations that we build.” said Susan Dawson, E3 Alliance president and executive director. “An Architect of Change is an individual or organization exemplifying true commitment to the regional collaborative change process and meaningfully impacting the goals of the Blueprint.”
Martha Smiley
Martha E. Smiley has been committed to a multitude of civic and communities activities her entire life.  For the past five years she has served as a leader in the Central Texas community committed to the Blueprint goal of all children being ready for school at Kindergarten. Martha has worked with both E3 Alliance and Success by 6 to leverage the brain power of the Central Texas business community to focus on early childhood education as a way to improve economic development. She has also volunteered countless hours through AARO and E3 Alliance to strategically plan for sustainability for educational change efforts that are transforming Central Texas.
Education Service Center Region XVIII RAISEup Texas Team
The middle school transformation initiative, RAISEup Texas, would not be successful without the assistance of a highly trained and capable team of people who manage the project and provide training and coaching services to participating schools. The RAISEup Texas team at Education Service Center Region 13 consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide project and instructional supports for campuses throughout the Central Texas region. With their help, RAISEup Texas is transforming the middle school experience and increasing achievement for all students.
Dr. Jesus Chavez
For the last seven years, Dr. Jesus Chavez has shown steadfast, deliberate leadership in the second largest district in our region, coming to us from leading both the Corpus Christi and Harlingen school districts. Dr. Chavez’s leadership has demonstrated success in many areas, but the greatest is probably in his diligent work to eliminate achievement gaps across different student populations. In the last few years he was able to increase the graduation rate of RRISD low income students by 18 percentage points. Dr. Chavez has also been a true voice of regionalism, leading area superintendents in state advocacy and supporting the sharing of best practices across Central Texas schools and districts.
Austin College Access Network
Five years ago, College Forward led the creation of the Austin College Access Network (ACAN)—a collaboration of community-based organizations dedicated to helping thousands of students with special needs graduate from high school, and successfully enroll in, persist in and complete college. ACAN has developed common goals and identified areas to leverage their resources to better serve students and their families with a variety of high touch and other supports; and, it developed Staying Powers: Central Texas’ Strategic Plan to Increase College Student Persistence and Success—the first regional college persistence plan in the State of Texas.
National Instruments
Since 1976, National Instruments (NI) has equipped engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. NI is a supplier of software, test equipment, and advanced design solutions to engineers, scientists, R&D groups, and researchers in 40+ countries worldwide.  This puts them in a unique position to target community investments to support students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – STEM – and help build a future STEM workforce in Central Texas. NI executives are leaders in The Blueprint for Educational Change high school, college and career success initiatives since its launch in 2008. NI works throughout our region and the world to support the STEM workforce of the future.
Incite Austin
For nearly a decade Incite Social Impact Marketing has been creating results-oriented cause, social, corporate social and nonprofit marketing campaigns. Incite is a division of Emmis Communications , a diversified communications company with international digital and media operations, including radio stations KLBJ AM&FM, KGSR, 101x, Comedy 102.7, BOB FM and La Zeta in Austin. The Incite Austin Team partnered with E3 Alliance to develop and kick off the regional Missing School Matters Attendance Campaign, and has actively supported the regional implementation of the Get Schooled Attendance Challenge in Central Texas by providing logistical support and on-air radio promotions to spread the word to audiences across our region.