Our Story

Our Core Belief

Texas loses billions of dollars in wealth and social capital every year because we don’t take full advantage of our human capital. E3 Alliance seeks to strengthen Central Texas economic competitiveness by increasing educational outcomes for all students. As we say in our name, “Education equals Economics.”

The Problem

We exist in a culture of low expectations. Our communities too often believe that student outcomes are someone else’s problem. Institutions are left to develop their own solutions in silos, and our educational system is not scaled for or focused on delivering workers who can drive a strong economy in a time of innovation.

Without coordinated community action that promotes success for every student, our students will continue to fall behind. Achievement gaps will remain, and our students will be left underprepared for college and careers in the 21st century global economy.

The Approach

E3 Alliance provides never-before available, understandable, objective information about education trends and outcomes and shares it transparently to improve education in Central Texas. Our data and analyses allow communities and institutions to understand educational gaps, develop a common agenda for change, and identify solutions. We use facts to drive collaboration and achieve goals that will strengthen the Central Texas educational pipeline.

E3 Alliance does not replace the many excellent education programs and services in our community. Instead, we break down systemic barriers so that our region can:

  • Identify needs and gaps through objective data
  • Define needs and expectations for cradle-to-career success
  • Convene the right players from across sectors
  • Develop action strategies and goals to improve education
  • Share best practices across school districts, universities, and other providers
  • Maximize limited resources
  • Ultimately, change education systems
By better aligning our systems horizontally and vertically, the public and private sectors can work together to create broad and sustainable improvements for all students and taxpayers.

The Plan

The Blueprint for Educational Change is Central Texas’ strategic plan to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country. E3 Alliance led a collaborative effort of regional leaders, educational institutions, and local communities to create The Blueprint by defining educational goals and known gaps. The Blueprint focuses on four priority goals:

  1. All children enter Kindergarten school ready
  2. Central Texas eliminates achievement gaps while improving overall student performance
  3. Students graduate college- and career-ready, and prepared for a lifetime of learning
  4. Central Texas, as a community, prepares children to succeed

Each goal outlines measureable objectives and action strategies to use resources more efficiently, highlight needed policy changes, and align educational practices and systems. The Blueprint provides a way for our community to engage in reaching higher education outcomes for Central Texas.

The Vision

With collaborative community efforts led by E3 Alliance, Central Texas’ education system will be strong and aligned, enabling each student to succeed from “cradle to career,” and ensuring regional economic prosperity.

Guided by objective data and a clear community vision, we strive to better align the components and practices of our regional education system and allocate investments and services more efficiently to dramatically and sustainably increase educational outcomes.

Our collaborative efforts will result in children who are well prepared to start school, students who achieve at high levels and reach their potential, and communities that are accountable for educational systems and outcomes. We seek to eliminate achievement gaps so that more students graduate and transition into higher education and career success.

Ultimately, our efforts will increase the quality of life and earning power of our community with sustainable change that will benefit many generations to come.