Transformation through Collaboration: Theory of Change

The work of The Blueprint for Educational Change TM highlights both the importance and the transformative power of systemic change. By undertaking collaborative action, our region can realize the exponential effects of improved student outcomes and civic engagement that lead to greater economic prosperity for our community and our future.

Transforming systems is much more than just partnering or sharing common metrics -it means investment, shared ownership and sustained commitment. The commitment is not to change the lives of a handful of children in a given school or neighborhood through one program (no matter how strong).  Instead, such commitment means that we expect results not for 60 children but for 60,000; not for one middle school but for all our 68 middle schools; not for one demographic but for all.  E3 Alliance helps to facilitate and orchestrate transformation through collaborative action, fueling the work of the Blueprint through objective data-driven decision making, bringing together communities, creating a commitment to change, and ultimately changing not just practices but systems.

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For more information on the work of The Blueprint for Educational Change click here:  2015 Blueprint Report