Our Theory of Change

In 2006, when E3 Alliance launched, there were no terms to describe the process by which we believed we could bring about sustained and meaningful change to our education systems. Instead, we undertook this effort based on a series of guiding principles that led to our theory of change.  These principles could apply to virtually any complex social issue or region:

  1. To wait for the state or federal government to enact the necessary changes would risk losing yet another generation of children. That loss was too costly to our families and our region.
  2. Only through a common regional agenda and the collaborative efforts of all Central Texas educational stakeholders could we hope to see the dramatic system-wide changes needed to help drive student success.
  3. To secure the dramatic improvements we need, we must have accurate, objective data on student achievement and a commitment to identify and share effective educational practices.
  4. The entire Central Texas community needs to be committed to a common agenda and accountable for education outcomes if all children are to reach their full potential.

Collective Impact

E3 Alliance is a pioneer in an emerging field called “collective impact” which works to address complex issues by bringing together all these voices of our community to drive toward common goals and bring successful strategies to scale through collaborative action. Serving as the “backbone” of this collaboration in Central Texas, E3 Alliance brings together educators, non-profits, civic groups, government organizations, and businesses to build a culture of mutual accountability in our children’s education success. We do so from cradle to career by:

  • Collecting and analyzing data about our students and the strategies most likely to help increase their education achievement
  • Working collaboratively across the community to develop a common agenda and helping education, community and business leaders make informed decisions which leadsleading to changed practices and a shared commitment.
  •  Using common measures of progress and sharing the progress to build and maintain momentum, and sustainable, systemic change.
  • Coordinating and communicating across partners to identify, complement and strengthen promising programs, leverage expertise and extend and optimize resources across Central Texas

In the last six years, E3 has produced ground-breaking research and analysis about education outcomes and trends, engaged the community in unprecedented ways, and created aligned pathways to help thousands of students reach higher educational goals.