Middle & High School

Children naturally spend more time away from their parents in the middle and high school years. As parents, staying involved in their child’s school work and activities and helping them work out their feelings keeps children on a path toward success. We also know that not attending school every day and getting low grades can hurt a student’s future.  

As a community, we care because experts expect a more complex, high-tech world that will require workers with technical or college degrees. Making sure that our students in Central Texas are well prepared is a top priority. We should encourage them to take as much advanced math as they can, attend school every day, work hard, and pursue a career pathway during high school so their future is bright with possibilities.

You Need to Know

  • Most students who pursue a career pathway (take multiple Career and Technical Education courses) in high school will graduate and attend college.
  • Students who take advanced math are more likely to go to college
  • Students who take four years of math in high school increase their likelihood of finishing college
  • Students who start saving for college early can attend full-time (at least 12 hours per semester)
  • Less than half of students going to college part-time return the next year
  • Only 16% of those who start college part-time complete their degree

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