Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles play a key role in the success the Blueprint for Educational ChangeTM

1. Be Data Driven

Compile and apply objective data and key indicators to improve student performance and education systems outcomes. The Blueprint for Educational Change:

  • Articulates the regional educational landscape, identifying needs and priorities across traditional boundaries.
  • Measures and charts progress and best practices toward our common goals.
  • Amplifies the region’s voice in relation to key statewide and national efforts.

2. Leverage Core Talents
The region’s greatest asset is the vast talent of educational institutions, teachers, community based organizations, businesses and parents committed to improving educational outcomes for our students. The Blueprint for Educational Change:

  • Aligns priorities, policies, and resources among regional institutions and organizations.
  • Utilizes mutually reinforcing activities to amplify efforts of individual partners.
  • Expands the scale and reach of their successes across traditional boundaries.

3. Engage the Community
The level of community involvement by our region’s educational institutions, community based organizations and citizens will directly affect the success of our children and our region’s economy. The Blueprint for Educational Change:

  • Accelerates progress by identifying opportunities to direct resources, troubleshoot barriers, and build consensus.
  • Improves the level of communication between institutions and the people they serve (students and parents).
  • Increases the level of citizen and community involvement in education and promotes a culture of learning in our region and mutual accountability for the success of every student.