Strong Student Futures Begin Here E3 Alliance

End-of-Year Giving to E3 Alliance

Every E3 Alliance initiative supports a strong student future along the cradle-to-career pipeline, from pre-K through post-high school education (PK – 16).

Every donation you make supports a powerful E3 Alliance initiative that creates lasting and positive educational change in our region and state.

Since our founding in 2006, E3 Alliance remains the education backbone of Central Texas: providing sound data and facilitating collaboration, while also rapidly moving to respond to the immediate needs of our schools.

In the 2020-2021 school year, E3 Alliance served more than 277,000 students! 

As we expand across the state of Texas, our focus is to build strong student futures for all.

Curious about what E3 Alliance is planning next? Here are just a few initiatives we have in the pipeline.

Co-design and release the blueprint for a sustainable 13th year of high school.

This extra year would enable students to complete a high-valued associate’s degree and/or to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

We expect this work to focus on opening opportunities for Black and Hispanic students and students from low-income households to earn a credential of value, accept a living-wage job, or even pursue a four-year degree at no additional cost.

Partners in this Accelerate[ED] initiative include Austin Community College, Workforce Solutions Capital Area, Austin ISD, Del Valle ISD, Elgin ISD, and Manor ISD.

Bolster math pathways for student success in college and career.

Our Math Pathways of Promise initiative is a seven-year, multidisciplinary partnership with our PK-12 regional leaders.

Data reveals that Central Texas students who complete a math course eligible for college credit are eight times more likely to complete a postsecondary credential in six years than those who complete Algebra II as their highest-level math in high school.

Today, these acceleration strategies have reduced disparities in Algebra I completion in middle school, closing the equity gap among high-performing Black and White students in the region by 86% since 2017. We expect improved outcomes in the months ahead.

Boost professional development for educators across the state of Texas.

Our seasoned coaches within E3 Alliance’s Transformation Services team helped educators in more than 30 schools across 14 districts this year.

90% of schools experienced increases in their overall accountability ratings from the Texas Education Agency. We anticipate even more gains in the coming year.

Develop school-industry partnerships in our region through our Pathways to Prosperity initiative.

E3 Alliance’s groundbreaking research and data analysis on high school dual credit, Career and Technical Education, industry-based certification, and Early College High School engagements helped to inform policy and practice and build strong predictors in postsecondary education enrollment.

We foresee an acceleration of solutions for a robust regional workforce that our booming region needs.