The Research

E3 Alliance is a leading provider of trusted, objective information in Central Texas. Using a data-driven approach to aligning education systems, we help educators better meet the needs of and increase educational outcomes for every student. This work requires not only sophisticated academic research, but also, in-depth data analysis designed to inform the public and our education partners about trends and outcomes in schools. Moreover, this action-oriented research helps partners determine where the levers of change are as we work together to “move the needle” on student success. 

Our partner school districts and higher education institutions depend on E3 to help them conduct research to:

  • Evaluate progress toward the goals outlined in The Blueprint for Educational Change
  • Track educational trends and identify and address challenges together
  • Improve understanding of the impact of educational programs, and
  • Identify best practices.

In addition, E3 utilizes objective data analyses and research to create a shared context among all stakeholders in the Central Texas education system. This regional research focus is valuable because it:

  • Acknowledges that students who start in one school may finish in another
  • Allows the community to more efficiently corral and use an array of local resources, and
  • Acknowledges that any fracture in the regional “pipeline” will result in students getting lost along the way.

The education system in Texas is widely understood to be data-rich, but because that data is rarely accessible or usable, it is also information-poor. By transforming a wealth of often inaccessible, hard to understand, and conflicting data into useful information for decision-making, E3 Alliance continues to have a broad and deep impact on schools and students.