Build a plan to address issues on Attendance, Culture, and Effective
Tier 1 Instruction in this New World.

New World, New Work: Leading Thriving Schools is a series of workshops designed for school leaders who are dismissing the “wait and see” approach for an opportunity to engage, synergize, and leverage ideas and lessons learned to build better schools for their students and communities.

Participants will learn from the E3 Alliance team, education experts with more than 35 years of public school experience in classroom teaching, instructional coaching, and campus administration. They will guide you to focus on what you can control and help you prepare for today’s challenges.

You will connect and collaborate with other leaders who are facing the same new realities in education.Choose to register for all three series as a complete package or select the topic or topics that best fits your needs. Each series includes four workshops. NOTE: Dates may be subject to change.

For approximately $285 a school leader can attend four virtual workshops, receive coaching, guidance and materials along with unique collaboration with other leaders to help lead this work on their campus.

Student Attendance Series | Begins 9/24 | Ends 11/5 | 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm CST
The Student Attendance Series: Update perceptions and evaluate practices of innovative strategies for ensuring students show up and engage in learning and the school community.
  • Workshop 1 | 9/24 | Redefining Student Attendance for Our New Reality
  • Workshop 2 | 10/8 | The Role of School Culture, Staff Capacity, and Engagement with Families and Communities
  • Workshop 3 | 10/22 | Leading with Data: Systems, Policies, and Practices
  • Workshop 4 | 11/5 | Move to Action: Leverage Leadership to Improve Student Attendance
School Culture Series | Begins 10/1 | Ends 11/10 | 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm CST
The School Culture Series: Deepen understanding and develop a set of tools to proactively build, nourish, and sustain a positive school culture so that students and staff have a place to belong.
  • Workshop 1 | 10/1 | The Role of School Culture in the Work of a School
  • Workshop 2 | 10/13 | Building YOUR School Culture Foundation
  • Workshop 3 | 10/29 | Culture Leadership Practices: Communication and Language Shaping
  • Workshop 4 | 11/10 | Building Relationships Between and Among Students and Staff
Effective Instruction Series | Begins 11/12 | Ends 12/8 | 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm CST
The Effective Tier 1 Instruction Series: Apply systems thinking and ignite leadership practices that ensure planning for and facilitation of instruction is high quality and effective.
  • Workshop 1 | 11/12 | HOW to Structure and Lead Effective Instruction for Your School
  • Workshop 2 | 11/19 | The Work of Aligning Standards, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Workshop 3 | 12/3 | Making Sure Effective Instruction is Benefiting YOUR Students
  • Workshop 4 | 12/8 | Move to Action: Ensure Effective Instruction for ALL Students

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For questions, contact Lori Davis at or call 512-223-7250.