Who We Are

Alone, we do good. Together, we do greater good.

E3 Alliance is a regional, data-driven education collaborative based in Austin, Texas. We are helping to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country to drive regional economic prosperity.

E3 Alliance was the pioneer in work called collective impact, which requires a broad range of community representatives to work together to achieve lasting systemic change. Eleven years later, through this process, E3 engages businesses and nonprofits, 15 school districts, eight institutions of higher education and policy leaders across Central Texas to address complex community issues in education. Our collective efforts seek to improve student outcomes across every demographic of our 600,000 children and students throughout the region – from cradle to career!

Our Core Values

  • Equity: We believe that all students should have access to high quality education opportunities that will prepare them for a lifetime of success in their career and life.
  • Collaboration: We believe that through collaborative community efforts our education system will be strong and aligned and will enable each student to succeed.
  • Data-driven: We believe that the most effective decisions are data-driven, evidence based and drive systems change
  • Results-focused: We use data and community collaboration to facilitate decisions and ensure there is accountability for student outcomes.

Our Mission

Transforming education systems through data and collaboration so all students succeed.  

Our Vision

The Central Texas education system will be strong and aligned, enabling each student to succeed from “cradle to career,” and ensuring regional economic prosperity. 

Our History 

E3 Alliance (Education Equals Economics) was born in 2006 from conversations among the members of the Austin Area Research Organization (AARO), an organization of business and community leaders committed to the economic and social well-being of Central Texas.  

After grappling for many years at the state, district and school levels to try to impact fundamental positive change in the realm of education, a number of AARO members expressed frustration that, while education outcomes have been incrementally improving for almost all groups of students, we continue to fall behind other nations in a 21st century global economy.  

E3 Alliance is a regional collaborative of education, business, and community members working together to align educational systems and improve outcomes based on objective data. E3 Alliance serves as the P-16 Council for Central Texas. The Texas Legislature created regional P-16 Councils to serve as the change agents that can create a college-going culture and well-educated communities in Texas.  

Since 2006, E3 Alliance has become a nationally-recognized model for collective impact, and represents a broad range of cross-sector community partners working collaboratively.  Together, we utilize objective information and community engagement to advance the goals and action strategies of The Blueprint for Educational Change. 

Our alliance partners include 15 public school districts, the regional education service center, and all eight higher education institutions based on the Central Texas region. Additionally, well over a hundred community and industry partners support our research and initiatives by providing funding, staff-time and expertise to improve student outcomes across every age and every demographic for all our ~600,000 children and students throughout the region – from cradle to career.