Who We Are

E3 Alliance is a regional, data-driven education collaborative based in Austin, Texas. We are helping to build the strongest educational pipeline in the country to drive regional economic prosperity. Founded in 2006, E3 Alliance acts as a catalyst for change, working to break-down barriers and build better alignment across the education continuum. Our name tells our story: Education Equals Economics. We believe that only through greater educational achievement for current and future generations of children, can Central Texas realize economic prosperity and a high quality of life for our community. Such achievement requires systemic change from cradle to career, and that is our commitment to our community.

Our Key Differences

  • We are data-driven, student-centered, and results-oriented
  • We believe a regional, collaborative strategy is the most effective platform for scalable change
  • For all students to achieve their potential, the entire education journey must be robust, aligned and agile
  • We build on Central Texas’ unique precedent for public-private partnership

Our Approach

E3 Alliance has been recognized across the country for its objective and ground-breaking work in building systemic change. This approach, known as collective impact, requires a broad range of community representatives to work together to achieve change. E3 engages dozens of businesses and nonprofits, 13 school districts, eight institutions of higher education and policy leaders across Central Texas to address complex community issues. E3 has a proven model that can be scaled and replicated to other regions in the state and nation.

Making an Impact from Cradle to Career

Thanks to The Blueprint for Educational Change, created by E3 together with the community, we have a regional, strategic plan of what we want to achieve from our educational system. We’re building a research and data-based model that can be replicated across the state and the country. We work “cradle to career” to impact lives by preparing students, educating families, saving taxpayer money, and developing a stronger, more qualified workforce to drive our economic future.

For example, we’ve learned through ground-breaking research that half of all Central Texas children enter Kindergarten unprepared in a range of needed competencies, and that of low-income students, those who attend pre-K are more than twice as likely to be prepared for school.


In the last six years, we’ve brought more than $4M in education funding to Central Texas, and worked with our partners to:

  • More than quadrupled the number of students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) pipeline, and increased the number of students participating in Project Lead The Way (PLTW) courses from 1493 students in 2007-08 to 7554 in 2013-14 – an increase of 500% in 6 years!
  • Share research-based practices for better educating English Language Learners (ELLs)
  • Launch a region-wide initiative to transform middle school teaching and learning
  • Develop the first regional college persistence plan in the state
  • We work to impact lives by preparing students, educating families, saving taxpayer money, and developing a stronger, more qualified workforce to drive our economic future.


E3 Alliance has gained national recognition for its innovation and leadership in developing a results-oriented educational collaborative through the model of collective impact. From the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to the New York Times, see what national funders and the media are saying about E3 Alliance.


  • Using research-based knowledge to drive decisions, monitor progress, and track impact
  • Accelerating effective programs by scaling innovative, improved practices
  • Raising money and resources for Central Texas to improve outcomes for students
  • Achieving community change with collaborations that demonstrate influence and results