Goal Four: Community Accountability

Source: 2017 Blueprint Annual Report

Why We Care

The goal four of the Blueprint for Educational ChangeTM is about the robust and dynamic role of the community in building the strongest educational pipeline in the country, here in the heart of Texas!  It calls on the values and commitment of our region to ensure that Central Texas as a community prepares ALL children to succeed.

It asks for a sustained and collaborative partnership among schools, parents, and community to lead the change effort to help create systemic change in our region and transform educational outcomes.

The vision of goal four is about culture change in our region.  It is about the sense of personal accountability and collective will to see all children as part of “our family” and view all students as assets and our greatest resources whose preparation for academic and career success is important for the future prosperity of our region.


  • The regional attendance campaign Missing School Matters has returned $33 million dollars in savings to Central Texas school districts since its launch in 2011.1
  • In the largest in-school immunization campaign in the State of Texas, 52,441 vaccines were administered in 2016 in 396 elementary, middle and high schools in 17 districts in Central Texas and beyond.
  • 64 positive, data-driven education stories were placed in Central Texas media to expand discourse on education.
  • Missing School Matters

Since 2011, the Missing School Matters campaign has returned $33 Million Dollars to schools districts in Central Texas through a drop in student absenteeism in the region.  The campaign promotes a culture of student attendance in our region, and focuses on “triple bottom line” positive impact: students need to be present in the classroom to learn, teachers need consistency of attendance to effectively teach, and school districts need state funding that is based on attendance to provide precious resources and services to all students.

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  • Regional Flu Immunization Campaign

Since 2014, E3 Alliance has led a broad coalition to undertake the largest in-school flu immunization campaign in the state of Texas. The campaign was based on findings from the ground-breaking Absence Reasons Study by E3 Alliance that almost half of student absences are due to acute illness, and student absences spikes directly overlay county
flu incident reports. In the Fall of 2016, 52,441 immunizations were administered at no cost to families or school districts in 396 schools in 17 school districts.


  • Math Matters! Campaign

Students must take far more math than is required by the State in order to have any chance of being successful in completing a postsecondary credential. The  message that “Math Matters!” is being carried out in the community through channels including  Op-Eds by the Texas Association of Business across the State of Texas, school posters and direct student outreach. Flyers outlining the importance of taking 4 years of math in high school have been distributed to families at 30+ high schools across the region. And to drive home the economic impact of mathematics, “Mo’ Math, Mo’ Money”, a rap video written by Lindsey Leaverton and showcasing Rap Star SaulPaul and students from the region is being shared with middle and high school students.

Mo’ Math, Mo’ Money